St Audries Bay have taken the ‘Honey Bee Pledge’

The David Bellamy Conservation Award Scheme – HONEY BEE FRIENDLY PARK PROJECT

Bees are a vital part of the British countryside. Not only are they beautiful and fascinating creatures, they are one of the most important pollinators of crops and other plants. That’s why the recent dramatic decline in many of Britain’s bee species is such bad news.

To do something to help, the David Bellamy Conservation Award Scheme (DBCAS) has teamed up with the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) to run the Honey Bee Friendly Park Project.

Why St Audries Bay got involved…..

Taking the Honey Bee Pledge to become Honey Bee Friendly offers us an exciting way to do something really important for Britain’s wildlife and it will help make St Audries Bay an even more beautiful place for people to stay whilst on their holiday on the outstanding Somerset coastline. With a variety of accommodation from self catering caravans to bed and breakfast and camping pitches there is something to suit everyone.

Step 1: plant food for bees
“It’s all about forage,” says Jane Moseley, Operations Director/General Secretary of the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA), who explains that honey bees need to be able to find flowering plants to get the nectar and pollen they require from early spring through to early winter. Providing this food resource for as long a period of time not only supports honey bees, but also helps solitary bees, hoverflies and other pollinators.

We have planted a wide variety of native bee and butterfly friendly wildflowers around the site.

Step 2: spread the word about bees
This is vital, as everyone can do their bit to help Britain’s bees and spread the word to their friends and relations. We have found that some of our guests and owners at St Audries Bay are very interested in bees and wildlife conservation

We will be providing information to our owners and guests on how to make their gardens both at St Audries Bay and at home, a bee friendly place to be!

Step 3: give bees a home
Providing a home for bees is a great way to help conserve them.

This can be done in many ways including putting in ‘bee hotels’, which we have done around the site – keep an eye out for them!